Haydale reports its FY2021 results, will increase capacity significantly with a new reactor

UK-based graphene developer Haydale announced its financial results for its 2021 financial year. Yearly revenues reached £2.9 million (down 2% from FY2020), while net loss was reduced by 15% to £3.41 million. Cash outflow was reduced by 52% to £1.58 million.

Haydale is still cautious regarding its short-term revenue, but it is optimistic regarding the long-term potential, and Haydale reports that it ordered a larger HT1400 plasma reactor, which will significantly increase the company's capacity to allow production to move to an industrial level in 2022.

Versarien reports its financial results for H1 2021, is scaling up its production facilities

Versarien announced its interim financial results for the six months ended 30 September, 2021. Revenues were £3.82 million (up 41% from £2.71 million in H1 2020), while reported net loss was reduced to £3.11 million (down from £4.34 million in H1 2020). At the end of the period, Versarien had £3.46 million in cash and equivalents.

Versarien uses graphene-enhanced concrete in a residential setting image

The company is now focused on two main application areas, textiles and concrete - for which it sees excellent opportunities in the near future. Versarien is increasing its production capacity. It has recently acquired graphene manufacturing assets in Spain, which will provide an additional 100 annual ton capacity, it has ordered equipment that will enable it to increase graphene ink production capacity by 12,000 liters per year and it has signed a lease on a new dedicated graphene production facility in Gloucestershire.

NeoGraf Solutions inaugurates its 750-ton graphene production facility

US-based NeoGraf Solutions, a leading graphite developer and producer, announced that it has started to produce graphene (GNP) materials, branded as Graf-X. The company mainly targets thermoset and thermoset and thermoplastic applications.

NeoGraf Solutions graphene production floor photo

NeoGraf says that it has an annual capacity of over 750 metric tons for its GNP material, and over 1,300 tons of its graphene precursors (GP), which are graphite products design to enable efficient conversion into graphene materials. The company produces its graphene in Lakewood, Ohio.

General Graphene launched its new high-capacity CVD graphene roll-to-roll production line

US-based CVD graphene developer General Graphene Corporation (GGC) has launched its new Gen3.0 CVD graphene production line. This 20-meters long roll-to-roll based system can produce single- and multi-layer graphene materials on copper films up to 400 mm wide.

General Graphene CVD Grpahene production line and material photo

GGC says that with the new line, its manufacturing capacity exceeds 100,000 m2/year. The company is now able to supply affordable and highly consistent CVD graphene in industrial volumes.