Zenyatta logoZenyatta Ventures has announced the commencement of a collaborative research project with Dr. Takashi Kuboki at Western University to develop an advanced plastic (polymer composite) using Zenyatta graphene (or graphene-oxide) derived from Albany high-purity graphite deposit.

Zenyatta sees a potential for such enhanced polymer composite materials to be attractive to the automotive, aerospace and construction industries that seek lightweight materials with added strength, electrical and thermal properties. This new project may expand Zenyatta's business opportunities as a graphene nanomaterial supplier for the polymer composite markets.

This project is receiving Federal funding from the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada ("NSERC") Engage Grant program to allow a team of scientists under the direction of Dr. Kuboki at Western in London, Ontario, Canada to carry out this advanced nanomaterial research. There is a significant opportunity for the Canadian plastic and composite manufacturing industry to benefit from a high-quality graphene material located in northern Ontario to produce new lighter, stronger, more thermally stable technology products. This can contribute to the global competitiveness of a leading edge domestic industry to enhance the growth of the Canadian economy.