Xolve and NTT Carbon Fiber Group to co-develop graphene based products for the aerospace industry

Xolve signed an agreement with London's NTT Carbon Fiber Group to co-develop products for the aerospace industry. Xolve's graphene will be combined with NTT's epoxy resins and these new materials could be used to produce products such as airplane parts or even an airplane wing. This is just an early research work however, and Xolve says it could take anywhere from 18 months to give years till this is commercialized.

Back in 2010 Xolve raised $2 million, and the company is working to commercialize intellectual property that enables simple room temperature processing of graphene and other nanoparticle composites, solutions and coatings. You can read an interesting interview with the company's R&D VP here.

Posted: May 06,2013 by Ron Mertens