Haydale logoIt was recently announced that work on the Smart Filter project, initially declared in October 2015, has begun.

The Smart Filter project - an Innovate UK-funded project led by Haydale and involving The CPI, G2O Water Technologies and Sellafield - aims to develop a low cost self-cleaning coating technology based on functionalized graphene, which once applied to industrial membranes increases their resistance to fouling and enhances ion removal. The technology has already been demonstrated successfully in lab-scale tests.The project will translate the existing lab-scale work into a working manufacturing process which can be scaled-up to enhance the performance of existing filter membranes. The coating will be formulated and validated by the consortium in nuclear waste water separation applications. Applicability into other areas will be investigated to ensure the resulting smart product can be taken to market and be readily applied to improve the performance of a broad range of industrial processes.