Vorbeck Materials announces new Graphene-based ink for flexographic printing applications

Vorbeck Materials announces a new Graphene-based conductive ink formulation for flexographic printing, Vor-ink Flexo. The new ink enables the high-speed printing of this highly conductive material. Like other Vor-ink formulations using graphene, Vor-ink Flexo retains conductivity even after repeat bending and folding. Vor-ink Flexo can be cured at low temperatures and is designed for use on a variety of substratesincluding paper, paperboard, and polymer films.

Vor-ink Flexo is available at a cost well below competing silver-basedinks. In addition, printers can rely on high line speeds and rapid drying, lowering costs by increasing throughput. Vor-ink Flexo is designed to be used on current commercial flexographic presses without the need for specialized equipment, providing a cost-effective solution for high-speed roll-to-roll printing of electronics.

Posted: Jun 09,2010 by Ron Mertens