Versarien announces collaboration with global consumer goods company

Versarien, the advanced materials engineering group, has announced that it has now started collaborating with one of the world’s largest consumer goods groups to enable both groups to work together on research, development and testing of Versarien's proprietary Nanene few layer graphene nano-platelets in polymer structures.

The Partner has provided its first Nanene purchase order to Versarien. The Nanene will be incorporated into polymer structures, primarily for packaging applications, for testing and evaluation, with a view to improving material strength, moisture control and recyclability.

Versarien reports that advanced negotiations continue with a number of other multinational companies, including in the consumer goods sector, with a view to them collaborating with Versarien on the commercialization of graphene enhanced products.

Versarien recently entered into a collaboration with Israel Aerospace Industries in order to develop and test its graphene technology in aerospace composite structures.

Posted: Nov 19,2017 by Roni Peleg