The UK government announces it will allocate new funds for several new science projects - for big data research, cell therapy and graphene. The UK will spend £19 million ($31 million) on graphene in the next five years.

Most of the graphene fund (£14 million) will go towards establishing the UK's Graphene Applications Innovation Centre (GAIC) which will be established by the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI). This innovation centre will help small and medium enterprise gain access to graphene technologies.

Graphene was first isolated in Manchester in 2004, and since then the UK is hoping to become a global graphene player. In 2011 the government allocated £50 million towards four graphene initiatives (including Manchester University's National Graphene Institute). In December 2012 the UK announced an extra funding of £21.5 million to boost graphene research and development in the UK.

Source: The Independent