Talga Resources recently provided an update on its UK battery development programs in Warwick Manufacturing Group’s Energy Innovation Centre and at Talga’s Cambridge product development labs. Talga has reportedly received highly encouraging results from 1,200 hours of testwork on a new Li-ion battery anode formulation that combines both its micrographite and GNP materials.

Talga's graphene batteries image

The anode exhibited outstanding electrochemical performance across a range of key industry measures, including reversible capacity of ~420mAh/g over a 100 cycle average with a retention of 99.5% and coulombic efficiency of 99.9%. The capacity measure reflects a ~20% increase in capacity performance compared to commercially available graphite anodes (usually around 330mAh/g). This is significant as increased battery energy density translates into increased range for electric cars and more usage time for a mobile device.

Further, Talga’s WMG test data has enabled the Company to participate in consortia based applications for UK government funding programs and enter a development partnership with Recruit R&D, a major Japanese technology company with extensive experience of the Li-ion battery manufacturing sector.

In September 2017, Graphene-Info conducted an interview with Mark Thompson, Talga's managing director, who has some interesting things to say.