Haydale launches next-gen graphene-enhanced 3D printing materials

A few years ago, several graphene producers released 3D printing materials enhanced with graphene. These materials enabled conductive non-metal materials, and enhanced the mechanical and thermal properties of these 3D printing filaments.

The market reaction, though, to these materials was cool. The materials did not provide a significant improvement, the price was high, and there were better alternatives available.

Recent research and industry news on graphene oxide

Graphene oxide (GO), a form of graphene that includes oxygen-containing groups, has been the focus of much talk and speculation lately - most of which centered around its potential use in medical contexts.

Graphene Oxide vs Graphene scheme

However, GO is an interesting material all on its own, with great potential for various other uses and applications. It is studied for use in areas like membranes for audio devices and water filtration, sensors, solar cells, batteries and more.

How concerned should we be about graphene's toxicity?

The potential toxicity of graphene and graphene oxide has been on people's minds lately. This is an area that has always received some attention, but recently there have been rumors and wild speculations about the adoption of graphene oxide and the risks involved.

Grapene toxicity poll results (August 2021)

Researchers have been studying the toxicity of graphene and graphene oxide for many years. While these materials have not yet been established as completely safe for use, there are quite a few research results that indicate that graphene can be relatively safe under the appropriate conditions.

Calling out to graphene product developers - share your story!

After years of intensive R&D efforts, and a slow trickle of graphene devices, we are finally starting to see wider adoption of graphene in many applications. Graphene-enhanced products are entering many markets, including wearables, sensors, audio equipment, medical devices, sports equipment, construction materials and more.

Graphene application types

But using graphene is still a challenge, as adopting the material in the right way in your process is not trivial. In addition, there are many graphene types, each with its own properties, and dozens of different graphene producers (link to the graphene catalog?) each with its own material. Choosing the right material is critical to a graphene project success. Finally, as with many material technologies, these kinds of projects take time and effort to achieve the right results.