Skeleton Technologies has received €13 million in an investment led by FirstFloor Capital, a Malaysian venture capital investment firm specializing in funding high-growth technology companies.

The Round C investment, which also includes existing Skeleton Technologies’ investors UP Invest and Harju Elekter, brings total financing to €26.7 million and will support Skeleton Technologies in its next phase of revenue ramp-up to bring graphene supercapacitors from high-end sectors to the mass market.

Skeleton Technologies’ high-performance supercapacitors are set to be launched into orbit as part of a European Space Agency project and are also available as part of a hybrid Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) for defence applications. In August 2015, Skeleton entered the commercial truck fleet market when it launched a graphene-based device that helps truck drivers start their engines after long periods of inactivity or in cold weather. In July 2016, Skeleton Technologies announced that it will join French firm Flying Whales’ programme to build a 60-ton Large Capacity Airship, or LCA60T, for the global transport market.

Skeleton Technologies is a European supercapacitor manufacturer, delivering reliable high-power, high-energy and long-life storage solutions across industry. It is the only supercapacitor manufacturer to use a patented nanoporous carbide-derived carbon, or ‘curved graphene’ to achieve global breakthroughs in performance, delivering twice the energy density and five times the power density offered by other manufacturers.