Saint Jean Carbon, a publicly traded carbon science company, announced that it, along with their industry partners, will complete a prototype of a graphene-enhanced diamagnetic wire that will conduct energy at room temperature with superconducting level resistance. The process to build the wire is planned to take a few months, and the model will first be prototyped at 36 inches in length with a goal to measure the energy resistance under varying loads. This should, for example, give a better understanding on how a superconducting wire can greatly enhance the electricity transfer from an electric motor to a battery.

The design is based on relatively simple principles: the outer housing (casing) is a non-conductive rubber compound and the inner sleeve is a resin binder with a high concentration of diamagnetic graphene. The center core is a magnetic graphene wire and the diamagnetic force holds the center core in place while the energy passes along the path of the neutralized middle core.