Researchers model a graphene-based micro-antenna to connect low-power small devices

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology are developing graphene-based micro antennas that can be used to connect low-power small devices. Graphene can be used to generate a type of electronic surface wave that would allow antennas just one micron long and 10 to 11 nanometers wide.

The researchers haven't yet produced any prototype, but according to their simulations and modeling such antennas are possible. The next step is to actually fabricate a graphene nano-antenna and operate it using a transceiver also based on graphene.

The research was sponsored by the NSF. Earlier this year we reported about a $120,000 grant from Samsung to Spain's UPC and Georgia Tech to develop graphene based micrometer-scale highs-peed short-distance antennas. It's not certain but it's likely these two researchers at GIT are related.

Posted: Dec 12,2013 by Ron Mertens