Researchers from the University College London designed new graphene-based supercapacitor materials that enable higher power density than current designs. The new materials also enable the production of bendable supercapacitors, without a liquid electrolyte which minimizes explosion risk.

The researchers say the new supercapacitor design can achieve an energy density of 88.1 Wh/L - the highest ever reported for carbon-based supercapacitors. The main innovation is the production of electrodes made from multiple layers of graphene, that enable a dense but porous material.



Nice article

Nice article.

Graphene supercap/battery

Thanks! Technology is getting exciting! Supercapacitors make more sense as batteries because they can charge and discharge energy faster and more reliably than any battery. The old story of why we don't use them is a thin excuse! They have to be larger, usually, but this process seems to make that a thing of the past hmmm?