Research Associate in Microwave and THz Electronics of Graphene and Related Materials

Submitted by Ron Mertens on Sat, 01/17/2015 - 14:45

A position exists for a Research Associate to work on microwave and THz electronics of graphene, related materials and hetero structures, as part of the European Graphene Flagship and an European Research Council Synergy grant.

The aim is to demonstrate a variety of novel devices to be used for detection, generation and manipulation of high-frequency signals up to the THz range. The ultimate goal is to implement a front-end to be used for either ultra-fast communication, microwave and THz imaging or sensing applications. This multi-disciplinary research will involve extensive cleanroom micro and nano-fabrication as well as device testing by vector analysis and quasi-optical measurements. The work will also target novel microwave devices, including on/off switchable shielding, self-mixing antennas and optically transparent devices.

The successful candidate will have a PhD in Electronic Engineering, Physics, Nanotechnology or closely related disciplines. Essential requirement is proven track record in the micro- and nano-fabrication of solid state active and passive device as well as high frequency characterization/testing (on wafer and free-space). Preference will be given to candidates with proven experience in THz technology based on graphene and related materials

Experience in handing collaborations within EU projects, including reporting and attendance to project meetings is highly desirable. The candidate will also have the ability continually update knowledge in the specialist area and engage in continuous professional development; have experience of managing own workload and working in close collaboration with experimentalists.