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Ron Mertens
Recommended graphene stocks

I would like to open a new thread, asking investors to detail their recommended or favorite graphene stocks as of June 2021.

Favorite Stock

Nanoxplore (NNXPF)...bot this some time ago...seems to me to be in a very advanced position re: revenue generation and expansion. I do like the Mgt and BOD's. I especially like their recent expansion and the fact they do not engage in a lot of stock promotion. I think the Co has a bright future.

There are a few miners (I avoid miners as best I can, lousy business) Mason Graphite (MGPHF) worth a look as well as Zenyatta (ZENYF).

Looking for investable ideas in Graphene Industry...hope some good ideas will be forthcoming

Ron Mertens
Zenyatta is now Zen Graphene,

Zenyatta is now Zen Graphene, and I think the company is more and more focused on graphene technologies rather than graphite mining.

I think the Graphene sector

I think the Graphene sector is beginning to look a lot like the DOT-COM, but in it's infancy stage. This sector will be huge as the economies are moving away from ICE and into EV's

NanoXplore is the one I follow.

I have been following NanoXplore (GRA.TO/ NNXPF) for sometime now, I find management very professional and they seem very conscientious about spending money with the highest IRR possible. Management seems to only talk about things that are most likely to happen as for just speculation talk. They are also building up a pipeline of patents to under pin their business model.