CealTech AS launches its online booking and ordering system for pure graphene materials. The company says that its new system will be available on Wednesday, January 25th at 12:00 AM (GMT +1). First shipments are scheduled for May 25th, 2017.

CealTech - Graphene shipping boxGraphene shipping box

Booking orders will be registered and processed on a rolling basis - so save this date, and secure your booking early. To book your 3D graphene materials, click here - www.cealtech.com.

CealTech - 3D Graphene StructureThe unique structure of our 3D Graphene offers for example superior bonding with surrounding polymers. This improves the interfacial load transfer, among others. Contact us for more information.

Norway-based CealTech was established in 2012 to commercialize a patented 3D graphene production method based on PECVD. In December 2016 the company announced its new upgraded facilities in Stavanger, Norway - which should be ready by March 2017. In addition to graphene production, CealTech will setup a large-scale graphene-enhanced battery electrode production line by late 2017.

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