The Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials

a new postdoc position exists for scientists experienced in the field of computational material chemistry with focus on graphene, graphene derivatives and other 2D materials.

The successful candidate will receive a contract at the Palacký University in Olomouc supported by ERC Consolidator grant. This unique position is open immediately for qualified applicants.

The research work of the ERC project 2D-Chem focuses on interdisciplinary research aimed at understanding of reactivity and properties of fluorographene and graphene derivatives, synthesis of new graphene derivatives and complex chemical architecture based on graphene derivatives. The theoreticians will work hand in hand with experimentalists in order to design new graphene derivatives, which will be synthesized, characterized and tested for advanced applications in electrochemical sensing, imaging, catalysis etc. The applicant will become part of a young, focused, and motivated international team with excellent equipment (

The applicant responsibilities:

- Insight into reactivity of fluorographene and other graphene derivatives to navigate synthesis

- Design of graphene derivatives with optimized properties

- Cooperation with experimentalists and characterization experts

- Ability to conduct targeted research

- Manuscript writing

Olomouc, Czech Republic
Contact details: