Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg

The group studies physical and chemical processes of two-dimensional materials and molecular structures at surfaces on the atomic level using high-resolution scanning probe microscopy/spectroscopy (STM/AFM) at low temperatures.

The present project aims at elaborating an atomic-scale understanding of the relation between geometric and electronic properties of novel one- and two-dimensional carbon-based materials that are synthesized by covalent linking of molecular precursors directly on metal surfaces. The on-surface synthesis is used in order to create atomically defined carbon-based nanostructures. The second part of the project focuses on the electronic properties of functionalized graphene. The project is part of the Collaborative Research Center (SFB953) “Synthetic Carbon Allotropes” that provides close collaborations with research groups from theory and organic chemistry.

The opening is for a highly motivated PhD student with a master degree in physics, nanoscale science or related fields. Excellent communication skills and good knowledge in English (oral and written) are required. The payment is on the basis of the German Public Salary System (TV-L E13).

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