New insight about the interactions between electrons in bilayer graphene

Researchers from the University of Manchester (in partnership with other scientists at the Universities of Moscow, Nijmegen and Lancaster) published some new information about the interactions between electrons in bilayer graphene.

The researchers utilized superior quality bilayer graphene instruments that were fabricated by suspending graphene sheets in vacuum (this method could remove majority of the unnecessary scattering methods of electrons in graphene, thus improving the electron to electron interaction effect).

Both bilayer graphene and graphene demonstrate very high mechanical strength as well as thermal and electron conductivities that can be ascribed to excellent quality of the crystals and high electron velocities. Superior quality bilayer graphene is an innovative material and has a specific range of applications. Back in April, researchers from the NIST reported that bi-layer graphene may indeed be better as a semiconductor.

via AzoNano

Posted: Aug 12,2011 by Ron Mertens