NanoXplore announces the Acquisition of CEBO Injections, expanding its presence in Europe

NanoXplore has announced an agreement to acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of CEBO Injections, a Swiss-based injection molding company, from BCR Plastic Group. CEBO provides customers with high precision and high-quality injection molded products, and serves the automotive, medical, industrial and watches manufacturing markets.

Dr. Soroush Nazarpour, President and CEO of NanoXplore commented: "Our graphene improves the performance and minimizes shrinkage of injection molded plastic parts such as those provided by CEBO. Acquiring CEBO will allow NanoXplore to demonstrate the benefits of graphene to CEBO's existing customers while providing NanoXplore with an entry into the European market, accelerating the adoption of graphene enhanced thermoplastics".

In September 2017, NanoXplore finalized its RTO with Graniz Mondal and became a public company. In June 2017 Graphene-Info conducted a fascinating interview NanoXPlore's CEO and President, Dr. Soroush Nazarpour.

Posted: Oct 24,2017 by Roni Peleg