Graphene Laboratories logoLomiko Metals logoBack in May, Lomiko Metals, Stony Brook University (SBU) and Graphene Labs signed an agreement to investigate graphene based applications - mainly supercapacitors and batteries. Today the companies announced that they have reached a significant milestone by receiving a prototype graphene supercapacitor and a report from Stony Brook University and New York State’s Center for Advanced Sensor Technology (Sensor CAT).

The supercapacitor prototype was made using graphene composite material prepared using a proprietary technology developed at Graphene Labs. The measured specific capacitance of the prototype was found to be around 500 Farad per gram of the material. This value is comparable with the best values reported in the literature for a supercapacitor of this type.

Lomiko metals says that the excellent quality of the Reduced Graphene Oxide (“RGO”) electrodes allows expansion of the operating voltage window up to 4 Volts. This allows the density of the energy stored in the supercapacitor to be increased. The device has shown this significant performance due to the high specific surface area as well as high electrical conductivity of the graphene produced from graphite material from the Quatre Milles Graphite Project in Quebec. The next step is to have the results examined by interested companies within the industry.