Leading Edge Materials launches new project for graphene-enhanced battery anodes

Canada-based Leading Edge Materials (formerly Flinders Resources), a graphite mining company with principal assets located in Scandinavia, has announced the initiation of a new government-funded project entitled Graphene Energy which aims to apply graphene from the Company’s Woxna graphite facility to enhance the electrical conductivity and the mechanical strength of lithium ion battery anodes. Other project partners comprise 2D fab AB, VestaSi AB, Ångström Advanced Battery Centre (ÅABC), Uppsala University (UU) and Mid Sweden University (MIUN).

LEM receives significant support from the Swedish Government through the agency Vinnova, which funds collaborative research between companies, universities, research institutes and public sector. With the initiation of this latest project, the Company is now collaborating in four Swedish government or European Commission supported projects, demonstrating the spectrum of potential markets for Woxna graphite. Two of which are graphene-focused: The Vinnova Graphene Energy Project Announced December 6th 2017, and the Vinnova Graphene Composite Project Graphene Modified Composites for Long-Term and High-Temperature Applications Announced 8th June, 2017.

Posted: Dec 11,2017 by Roni Peleg