Ionic Industries provides updates on supercapacitor and water treatment work

Ionic Industries has provided updates on its research, commercial products and industry outreach. Among the mentioned highlights is the fact that Ionic is engaging with a number of companies to develop collaborations focused on its printed micro planar supercapacitors, named MICRENs. Also, on Ionic's other printed supercapacitor technology, the ORIGAMI Caps, the Company is working toward developing a prototype device for use in Internet of Things applications and is aiming to have a product to test in the next month.

On the Company's water treatment work, it was said that work with Clean TeQ and Monash under the CRC-P program continues apace. Much focus at this point is on upscaled manufacturing, ensuring the feasibility of manufacturing the membranes and graphene oxide (GO) sand products at industrial scales. The next major milestone that Ionic is aiming for is triggering the formation of a joint venture with Clean TeQ when the path to market (and revenues) for this technology will become much clearer.

Posted: Mar 01,2018 by Roni Peleg