We're happy to announce a new service - launched in collaboration with Global IP News - The Graphene Patent Newsletter. This daily newsletter provides patent information from more than 85 countries and can be a valuable tool in tracking the graphene patent scene and protecting your company assets or keeping up to date on the latest graphene research globally.

The Graphene Patent newsletter at a glance:

  • A subscription-based news service (daily)
  • Provides patent applications, grants and expiration monitoring from over 85 countries (including the US, EU, China, Japan and Korea)
  • This manually-edited service is brought to you by two trustworthy companies
  • The best and easiest way to monitor global graphene patents!
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The Graphene Patent Newsletter, a unique service, provides the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to monitor and track new graphene patents, worldwide. The graphene industry is just emerging and many companies are rushing to secure patents for production processes, new graphene-based materials, new graphene applications and new device designs. In addition, research institutes around the world are also filing new patents each day. Some of these patents may prove to be essential for graphene companies and researchers and tracking new inventions and filing may prove crucial!

Praise for Global IP's patent newswire:

"It feels like someone has read all the latest development in technology from all patent offices in the morning and has given me only those patents that are relevant for me."
Kamlesh Jaiswal, Information Technology Professional

"Global IP News has proven to be an extremely effective tool for the Telecom Watch users. It provides real-time patent information on telecom and allows us to stay current with patents from all over the world"
Telecom Watch

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