Researchers from Graphenea, Thales, CNRS, the University of Cambridge and GERAC have announced the development of a stable platform for manufacturing electronic devices made of graphene. Graphene field effect transistors (GFETs) made using this platform are shown to be stable against atmospheric influences and uniform in their properties across a batch of more than 500 devices.

The researchers reported on a statistical analysis and consistency of electrical performance of GFETs on a large scale. The devices were protected and passivated with two protective layers that ensured that the conductance minimum characteristic of electrical transport in graphene is visible most of the time and that it fluctuates very little from device to device. The intrinsic charge doping was below 5x1011 cm-2. In addition, this approach removed the hysteresis effect that usually degrades graphene device performance in air. Importantly, the devices were also stable in time, with unchanged performance over the course of one month.