Imagine IM signs MOU for graphene-based geotextile coatings and wins award for graphene plant

Australia-based Imagine Intelligent Materials has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with TenCate Geosynthetics, for the purpose of expanding the commercialization opportunities for graphene-based geotextile coatings into the USA market.

The company stated that the next step is to modify the imgne X3 masterbatch to suit TenCate’s materials and confirm performance in field trials. The plan is that with progression of Imagine IM’s capability, it will strive to take it from polyester (PET) nonwoven geotextiles into polypropylene geotextiles.

It was also noted that TenCate does not currently offer a leak-detection product. By demonstrating that their nonwoven geotextiles can be adapted to become a leak-detection solution, Imagine IM intends to prove that imgne X3 can be modified to be effective when coated on polypropylene geotextiles, and so that TenCate can determine whether entry into the leak-detection market is warranted.

In addition, Imagine IM and Austeng jointly won an award for the establishment of Australia’s first commercial graphene plant. The Australian Engineering Excellence Awards saw Austeng (a Geelong-based engineering company) and Imagine IM take the Innovation, Research and Development category.

Posted: Oct 05,2016 by Roni Peleg