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Heating of aircraft surfaces with Graphene injected paint

Hi from Windsor, Ontario

Do you remember the very exciting announcement that SAAB aerospace had secured a patent for the heating of aircraft surfaces during winter operations by using the Graphene enhanced paint. I have invested in SAAB and have been rewarded with profits, however I also wanted to find out whatever happened to the development of the Graphene injected paint to allow current to flow through the paint and as such heat the aircraft surfaces. I called SAAB in Sweden but could not find anyone at SAAB who could give me an answer.

I propose that we start an informative discussion and hopefully find answers for this subject. As a former pilot I know how important it is to have aircraft deiced prior to flight. This is a very expensive and disruptive for flight operations. The SAAB patent would solve this problem.

Hope someone can give us up to date information on this subject.