Haydale reports its financial results for FY 2020

Haydale announced its financial results for FY2020 (which endd on 30 June, 2020). The group's revenues reached £2.95 million, down from £3.47 in FY 2019, but its net loss decreased to £4.02 million (down from £7.19 in 2019) as the company continues to implement cost savings measures.

Haydale's negative cash flow deceased by 31%, but the company still used up £3.32 million in the year and at the end of June had only £0.82 million in cash and equivalents. On September 2020 Haydale raised £2.98 million via a new share subscription.

Haydale updates that it has managed to increase surface oxygen levels to 28% in its graphene materials, which allows it to access the Graphene Oxide market. In addition Haydale developed a new functionalized graphene ink with resistivity reduced to

Posted: Oct 30,2020 by Ron Mertens