Haydale logoHaydale reported their financial results for 2015 - revenues reached £644,000 (up from £19,000 in 2014) while total income (which includes government grants) reached £1.48 million (up from £129,000). Most of the increase in income came from EPL Composites (now renamed Haydale Composite Solutions, or HCS) - which generated £1.18 million in income.

Haydale is still losing money - in fact the EBITDA loss rose to £2.38 million (up from a loss of £1.96 million in 2014). Haydale ended the year with only £2.05 million in cash (down from £5.68 million at the end of 2014) - but the company also announced a new share issue that will bring in about £5.2 million. Haydale will sell 3.51 million shares at 160p a share (a 5% discount on the average closing price of Haydale shares in the past 20 days).