Haydale reduces overheads and closes its Taiwan operation

Haydale Graphene Industries has reportedly lowered its expectations for this year after slow sales in the US and UK. Haydale has reduced overheads by £900,000 and closed its Taiwan operation though there will be a £410,000 revenue hit from this action in the second half.

US unit HCT has also seen disappointing demand for silicon carbide (SiC) whiskers and blends, while the new blanks production line started later than scheduled in November.

Interest has been very strong subsequently but problems for key customers in the aerospace industry mean the shortfall will not be made good in the second half.

UK orders have also been slower to come through than anticipated and while sales are up, they, too, have undershot expectations, said Haydale.

Keith Broadbent, chief executive, remains optimistic about the longer-term potential: "Whilst the decision to close Haydale Taiwan, the later than expected commissioning of the blanks line and the slowdown in the aerospace sector in the US has affected our short-term revenues, the directors remain committed to delivering the commercial priorities that we have set the group... The new global sales team is already delivering positive results with a strong pipeline of profitable opportunities being actively pursued" he said.

Posted: Jan 31,2020 by Roni Peleg