Haydale orders new plasma reactors, to offer graphene functionalization reactor licenses

Haydale ordered two new plasma reactors from Tantec, and should receive those new reactors in December 2014. This will allow Haydale to increase graphene production capacity and increase operational flexibility.

Haydale and Tantec also signed a two-year contract to continue to develop the functionalization process to meet specific needs of customers. A couple of months ago Haydale published a research showing how graphene functionalised resins offer a significant improvement in strength.

Haydale says that several customer are interested in using their functionalization process in house - basically licensing a reactor for adding GNPs to materials. Haydale ordered a larger unit which will act as a licensing demonstrator.

Haydale reported a loss of £2.2 million for fiscal year 2013, up from a loss of £1.1 million last year, mostly due to higher administrative expenses because of its AIM listing. The company posted revenues of £130,000 for the year - and it is confident that next year will be a successful year, and haydale is expanding its operational, sales and marketing capabilities.

Haydale recently raised £6.6 ($11 million) in a public offering in the UK. In October 2013 we posted an article explaining Haydale's business and technology.

Posted: Oct 25,2014 by Ron Mertens