Haydale announced that it listed its HDPlas range of graphene (and CNT) materials for trade on the INSCX exchange, a global marketplace for nanomaterials and nanocommodities. The company appointed Fullerex as Haydale's agent.

INSCX is used by both researchers and commercial companies to purchase nanomaterials and products.

A couple of months ago we posted an interview with Ray Gibbs, ICL's Commercial Director and Haydale's CEO, who exaplained more about the company's materials and business.



Really selling graphene on INSCX?

In my experience INSCX only provide nanomaterials via nanoshel - and their trading platform has no customers. Please beware - I think the info in this article is very out of date! INSCX seems to have gone downhill recently and only has one member of staff (C McGovern) who is trying to run the whole thing!

Harris - this is indeed an

Harris - this is indeed an old story from 2013... We are not familiar with INSCX personally.