Haydale files joint patent with Airbus as part of GraCELS-2 project

Haydale has filed a joint patent with Airbus which covers the intellectual property jointly generated by Haydale and Airbus under the multi-party NATEP-supported Graphene Composites Evaluated in Lightning Strike Project, or GraCELS-2.

The group said that GraCELS-2 was designed to confirm that the 'incorporation of functionalized graphene/2D fillers could produce the next iteration of composite materials with significantly improved lightning strike performance compared to existing current carbon/epoxy systems alleviating the need for copper mesh'.

The outcome of the project reportedly brought both parties closer to producing a commercial material for applications in aerospace structures, as well as other applications exposed to lightning strikes.

Chief executive Keith Broadbent said: 'I am looking forward to adding the new technology to our functionalized masterbatch offering which will further improve the performance of this product range.'

He added: 'We look forward to discussing the potential applications of this product with existing and new customers interested in achieving the environmental and cost benefits offered by our enhanced range.'

Posted: Aug 18,2021 by Roni Peleg