Haydale announces first commercial sales to Everpower intended for the Chinese market

Haydale has announced the first commercial sales of its products to Everpower Sheng Tie (Xiamen) Graphene Technology ("Everpower"). The sales are for a range of Haydale's Silicon Carbide Fibres and 3D PLA masterbatch mixed with Haydale's functionalized Graphene Nano Platelets ("Additive Manufacturing PLA" or "AM PLA") for immediate delivery.

Haydale believes that these sales to Everpower are strategically important as they mark Haydale's first commercial sales into China and launches the Group and its products into what is expected to be a significant marketplace for Haydale.

The SiC sale to Everpower is at commercial rates and is worth US$150,000 to the Group. The sale for Haydale's proprietary Additive Manufacturing PLA is for £50,000 of product and is the Group's first commercial AM PLA product sale into China.

The innovative graphene enhanced AM PLA developed by Haydale, with key attributes like toughness and excellent layer bonding, has extensive applications from prototyping to end use products.

In February 2017, Haydale announced a collaboration agreement with Everpower International Holdings, a New York-based investment company engaged in investing in emerging technologies and their integration into China. In March 2017, Rutgers University licensed a technology that allows for the mass production of high-quality graphene at a reduced cost to Everpower International Holdings.

Posted: Sep 26,2017 by Roni Peleg