UK-based advanced materials group Haydale Graphene Industries has entered into a commercial supply and development agreement with Australian-listed Talga Resources. The agreement will see the two companies work together on the production, sales and marketing of jointly developed graphene-based transparent conductive ink products for industrial applications in Asia.

The two companies have been working together for a few years, and will now look to enhance the properties of Haydale’s graphene-based, transparent conductive ink by using Talga’s highly conductive graphitic materials. Initial tests showed that Talga’s material can enhance electrical conductivity of Haydale's transparent inks by 15% or more above that of synthetic graphite.

Back in November Haydale filed a new patent application in the UK for its PATit anti-counterfeiting technology, which uses software codes to ‘read’ the specialty ink on a product’s label or packaging to prove its authenticity. “This exclusive Agreement marks the next step in the commercialization of that technology by creating the supply chain to enable the production of commercial quantities of our ink in order to meet the anticipated demand from enquiries received from Asia and the EU,” said Haydale chief executive Ray Gibbs.

“The addition of a transparent conductive ink to our existing opaque conductive inks opens up a far more significant market opportunity for our technology.”