Haydale acquires EPL Composite Solutions to further advance its graphene composites

Haydale recently announced the forming of an agreement to acquire EPL Composite Solutions. The two companies have already collaborated in the past on several projects and this acquisition is meant to maximize EPL’s access to the nano-composites market and potentially boost Haydale’s sales.

The acquisition of EPL is a major step towards monetizing Haydale’s technology for incorporating graphene and other nano-enhancing fillers into composites. The introduction of nanofillers to EPL’s product range will produce the added benefits of impermeable barriers, conductivity and reduced weight with improved strength and stiffness. These benefits are capable of impacting the development of future composite structures. According to market researches, an $80m market for nano-enhanced composites is predicted by 2018, of which graphene functionalization promises to generate significant parts.

Haydale is a British company which develops and produces nanomaterials. It uses its patent-pending surface treatment process to improve properties of materials like graphene and other nanomaterials. Their unique plasma process can clean impurities in the raw material and is low on energy use and environmentally friendly. Haydale focuses on facilitation of graphene and other nanomaterials to be used in applications in fields like inks, sensors, energy harvesting and storage, composites, and more.

The acquired company, EPL, is an independent company specializing in the design, development and commercialisation of advanced polymer composite materials. It spans the entire development cycle from research to manufacturing,

Haydale recently raised £6.6 ($11 million) in a public offering in the UK. In October 2013 we posted an article explaining Haydale's business and technology.

Posted: Nov 06,2014 by Ron Mertens