Hangzhou Gaoxi Technology (GaoxiTech) logo imageHangzhou Gaoxi Technology (GaoxiTech) was founded in 2016 with an R&D center that covers an area of 10,000 square meters. GaoxiTech is focused on R&D, technical support and production of monolayer graphene and its macro-assembly materials.

GaoxiTech has developed and patented technologies for graphene oxide, multifunctional graphene composite fiber, graphene electrothermal film and graphene thermo-conductive film. GaoxiTech has obtained product certification of monolayer graphene and monolayer graphene modified functional textiles from the International Graphene Product Certificate Center.

In order to accelerate the overall ecological development of graphene composite fiber, Gaoxi-tech has jointly established graphene functional fiber community innovation institute (GCI) ithat brings together experts, scientific research institutes and leading enterprises in the industry to help the fiber and technology find their place.

Company Address: 
6 Naxian St.
Liangzhou Town
Zhejiang Sheng 310013