Graphenea launches a Chinese website to target the growing Chinese graphene market

Spain based graphene producer Graphenea has launched a new Chinese edition of its web site to specifically target the growing Chinese graphene market. China is becoming a leading adopter of graphene technologies, and Graphenea aims to supply its high-end materials for corporations in China.

Graphenea Chinese web site photo

Graphenea produces CVD graphene sheets, graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide materials, which are on sale now in China via its online store.

Graphenea recently reported a successful 2017, with an impressive $1.9 million in sales revenue. The company reported an increase in production volumes for both its CVD graphene and GO materials. The company installed new CVD production equipment and expanded its GO production capacity at its plant in San Sebastian, Spain. The company will keep expanding its production in 2018.

Posted: Jan 23,2018 by Ron Mertens