Graphenea and IK4-Tekniker collaborate to improve graphene production process

The Spanish company Graphenea, focused on the production of high quality graphene for industrial applications, is working with Spanish alliance of R&D centers IK4-Tekniker to jointly design automate graphene production precess.

Their objective is to design a more automated, standardisable, scalable and reliable production process, since the production of graphene sheets is often difficult and laborious.

For the purposes of this collaboration, the companies have designed a system to transfer the graphene from a thin sheet of copper to a thin sheet of silicon, by means of various chemical baths that dissolve the copper and enable deposition on the silicon.

Graphenea recently opened a U.S branch, received a €1m investment and slashed graphene prices by 27% thanks to increasing production efficiency process.

Posted: Nov 26,2014 by Roni Peleg