Graphene Science - Raman Spectroscopy of Strain-Engineered Graphene

Submitted by Roni Peleg on Tue, 05/19/2015 - 08:20

Applicants should have or expect to achieve at least a 2:1 or above in their BSc or MPhys, or an MSc, or equivalent, in Physics. This is a full time position, granting tuition fees (UK) and an annual stipend equivalent to current Research Council rates. This project will investigate the effect of strain on the Raman spectra from graphene. Position holder will engineer the strain in both supported and suspended graphene devices by (a) exploiting the differential thermal contraction of supported graphene with respect to its substrate and suspended graphene with respect to its contacts and (b) controlling the mechanical deformation in-situ in suspended graphene by means of a gate voltage. This will involve Raman experiments on state-of-the-art suspended graphene membranes with a specifically-designed device geometry.Position holder will study, using Raman, both the form of the strain patterns and the degree of strain, and in particular the Raman signatures of the strain-induced pseudo-magnetic fields.

Contact for Informal enquiries:  Dr Annette Plaut (tel: 01392 724199).