The EU Graphene Flagship has published its graphene application roadmap, showing when the flagship expects different graphene applications to mature and enter the market.

Graphene Flagship roadmap 2019-2030 photoAs can be seen in the roadmap above (click here for a larger image), the first applications that are being commercialized now are applications such as composite functional coatings, graphene batteries, low-cost printable electronics (based on graphene inks), photodetectors and biosensors.

Next in line the flagship sees more advanced applications starting to appear after 2022 - such as solar cells and flexible perovskite panels, supercapacitors, water treatment, neural interfaces, and flexible devices. In 2030 and beyond, the flagship sees graphene related materials being adopted in drug delivery, spintronics devices, wireless network, fuel cells and more.



Terrible graphic! It's Europe, where's the .SVG? The JSON really

If the graphic were legible, even in the embiggened version which is fuzzy rather than antialiased for its own reasons, it would be a thrill! C'mon, graphene-info, curators of graphene, you can get this.

Terrible graphic

I agree with Steve Nordqvist. PLEASE can we have a LEGIBLE graphic?.

Sorry guys, that's what the

Sorry guys, that's what the Flagship sent us... I will reach out to the Flagship and try to get a better image.

The Flagship sent us a better

The Flagship sent us a better image, just click on the image to view it.