Graphene 3D Labs logoGraphene 3D Lab patents a graphene-based technology to harvest thermal energy produced in Bitcoin mining. The supercomputers used to mine Bitcoin and other digital currencies give off a lot of thermal energy, which is currently mostly wasted, and so G3L's technology will be used to capture this energy and redirect it to power fridges and A/C units.

Graphene 3D Lab’s technology uses graphene-based modules to harvest the thermal energy given off by these powerful machines and redirects it into heating and/ or refrigeration solutions. Not only will G3L’s technology boost return on investment for data center operations, it is also expected to help reduce the environmental footprint of data processing.

“We are continuously looking for transformative opportunities for our company and we strongly believe we found one in the cryptocurrency space," said chief executive Elena Polyakova. "The company intends to seek potential commercialization partners for this technology.”