Graphene 3D Lab adds graphene-silver epoxy to its G6-Epoxy product line

Graphene 3D Lab, a leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of proprietary composites and coatings based on graphene and other advanced materials, has announced an addition to its G6-Epoxy line of adhesives. This new product, G6E-GSTMepoxy, is a highly electrically conductive adhesive based on the combination of graphene and silver additives. It reportedly has a volume resistivity as low as 0.0001 Ω·cm and can be cured at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures. G6E-GSTM bonds well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, composites, ceramics, and glass.

The graphene filler is said to enhance the electrical conductivity of the epoxy and prevent the propagation of cracks, improving the material’s durability and fatigue resistance. This is especially important when bonding dissimilar materials subjected to rapid temperature variations. This feature improves impact resistance of the bond and also helps mitigate potential damage caused by vibration.Electrically Conductive Adhesives are considered a replacement for traditional tin-lead solders and their fast growing demand is driven by the increase in the use of electronic components in various industries. Graphene 3D Lab states that targeted sectors for the G6E-GSTM resins include: industrial, high-tech, educational and DIY. This conductive adhesive can also be used by the 3D printing community for the purpose of fabricating conductive traces and to bond the electrical components to 3D printed circuit boards and Arduino projects.

In November 2016, G3L unveiled a new product developed from the G6-Impact material.

Posted: Feb 28,2017 by Roni Peleg