Graphenano Composites has signed an agreement with Tecnivial to improve the properties of the composites used in its traffic safety signs for airports, railways and roads by the incorporation of graphene. The signs are reportedly based on a compound formed by Advantex fiber fabrics mixed with thermosetting plastic resins and doped with graphene nanoparticles.

Graphenano and Techivial's graphene signs image

Tecnivial’s Nanotec composite signs incorporate graphene in the resin and are said to offer optimal mechanical and physical properties like lightweight and durability, corrosion resistance, excellent resistance to dampness, wind loads and snow, savings in manufacturing costs, easy installation and handling and lower environmental impact.

The Nanotec signs have been subjected to demanding tensile strength, breakage, elasticity and durability and wind tunnel tests, overcoming wind effects equivalent to the passage of a train through a tunnel at more than 310 km/h, complying with European regulations EN 12899-1, and obtaining the CE Marking.

The signs can already be seen on roads in the urban center of Ibiza and on the Chamartín-Torrejón de Velasco high speed railway section.