Last week the Graphene-Info team visited the MWC - the world's largest mobile technologies conference held in Barcelona, which this year included a graphene pavilion, organized by the ICFO and the Graphene Flagship, Europe's $1 billion research project initiative.

One of the companies showcased in the pavilion was the Italy-based GNext, that demonstrated its graphene-based ink, used for rapid fabrication of electronic devices. GNext's ink can be printed using many common techniques on a wide range of substrates, including biopolymers such as PLA, and achieving a volume resistivity below 4 ohm/sq/mil.

GNext showed a very large sheet of transparent plastic, coated with graphene and used for EMI shielding applications. These sheets are recyclable - a major advantage over other products on the market.

The company will not be selling its graphene inks as a standalone product, but rather as end products in collaboration with other companies. In fact, GNext is already working with a large company and hopes to start sales very soon.