First Graphene has announced a new contract introducing its PureGRAPH range of graphene products into the cement industry. FGR confirmed its manufacturing partner newGen Group will supply a wear lining system for dyer chute applications to a large Australian cement producer in their Perth facility. FGR reports that each 50 sqm liner will contain 10-12kg of PureGRAPH product and is expected to be cast and installed in December.

This contract follows other recent announcements made in relation to First Graphene’s research and development collaboration with newGen. According to First Graphene, the client is a leading supplier of cement and lime to Western Australia’s mining, agriculture and construction industries.

NewGen has recently launched a branded Amour-GRAPH product range, which includes wear liners for bucket wheels, pipe spools and conveyor applications. “It is exciting to see the early adoption of the PureGRAPH products being recognized by newGen customers in real industrial applications,” Mr McGuckin, First Graphene's managing director, said.

First Graphene also has research and development collaboration arrangements with four universities including the University of Manchester, the Australian National University’s research centre FlexeGRAPH in Canberra and Flinders University in South Australia.

The company also announced that it has filed an international patent application for the thin-film processing of graphene, graphene oxide and novel nanomaterials. The patent covers the processing method and tools invented by 2D Fluidics, a subsidiary jointly owned by First Graphene and Flinders University. In particular, it covers routes to manufacture graphene oxide directly from raw graphite materials. 2D Fluiditics’ process can reportedly manufacture high quality graphene oxide without the use of high-volume corrosive reagents and associated waste streams.