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Climate change is a serious threat to the ecosystem and the planet, and many efforts are made in order to achieve a zero-carbon footprint and limit global warming. Fighting climate change would have to involve a substantial shrinkage in greenhouse gas emissions and a paradigm shift towards developing and using more eco-friendly, renewable energy technologies.

Spherical graphite photo (Graphex)Spherical graphite by Graphex

When contemplating a 'greener' future, it seems inevitable that the transportation sector would have to play a decisive role in achieving a carbon-neutral society, and the next few years are expexted to mark a shift towards electric vehicles. However, existing electric vehicles face great challenges in terms of public acceptance, as concerns regarding driving range per charge and vehicle price linger among consumers. To become the predominant technology, electric cars would have to replace the current large and bulky batteries with more advanced and efficient ones that would improve performance and bring down costs.

Graphex Technologies, a global leader in the creation of energy-efficient storage solutions, aims to assist in the fight against climate change through development of smart materials for sustainable products. The publicly traded company, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (under the symbol "GRFXY") and the OTCQX Best Market, focuses on the development of innovative solutions for the enhancement of renewable energy. The company's core strength is its in-house cutting-edge research and development of high-quality graphene-based products, particularly spherical graphite - a crucial ingredient of anodes used in Li-ion batteries that power electric vehicles.

Spherical graphite is produced via processing of natural graphite flakes into ultra-fine, highly pure spherical graphite, which constitutes the graphene layers in the battery anode. The graphene layers trap Lithium ions, thus storing charged energy and directly aiding the efficient energy storage and powering of Li-ion batteries.

Graphex Technologies' spherical graphite directly addresses the painpoints of current batteries. It is a high-purity, uniform material that reduces the surface reaction of electrodes and helps keep a minimal irreversible capacity loss resulting in prolonged battery life. Due to the dense packing of the sub-micron-sized (6-9 micron) spherical graphite, a high tap density is achieved. It results in high charging and high energy density – thus addressing both major challenges of current Li-ion batteries.

Graphex Technologies' current annual production capacity of spherical graphite is around 0.01 million tons, accounting for almost 5% of China's output. These enormous figures highlight the immense need and potential of spherical graphite in the upcoming decades in China, which is the largest electric vehicle producer presently and globally.

Graphex Technologies is strategically located next to the world's largest high-quality flake graphite source, which is one of the strengths that the Company leverages on its way to revolutionize the batteries market.

To accommodate the growing demand for graphene-based solutions, Graphex Technologies recently expanded its international presence by launching a strategic alliance in North America. It has also has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire a majority stake in Shenzhen KYSS Technology Co., Limited (“KYSS”), a China-based producer of graphene lithium-ion.

Through its eco-design division, innovative graphene-based solutions also facilitate sustainable energy initiatives that include the efficient design of public and private community projects, urban landscapes, and natural ecologies. The company’s concept of recharge parks is the first of its kind in the world. These energy-efficient recharge parks will offer charging stations for electric cars and mobile devices.

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