Emberion logoEmberion developed graphene-based photodetectors that convert light to an electronic signal using graphene charge transducers combined with a nanocrystal light absorber. Potential applications include spectrometry, optical gas detection or optical power measurements.

The photodetectors provide responsivity and low noise over a broad spectral range from VIS to NIR/SWIR wavelengths without cooling below room temperature. The full dynamic range is 160 dB, owing to the low noise and an unsaturated response.

The photodetectors are packaged into a standard TO-8 can with a built-in thermoelectric cooling for thermal stabilization. The size of the rectangular photosensitive active area can be customized.

The photodetectors are offered as digital modules — circuit boards comprising hardware and software implementation for calibration, signal preprocessing, analog-to-digital conversion and digital input/output. The photodetectors are also available as discrete analog components.