Dotz Nano (DTZ) has received a US$100,000 commercial sale of its ValiDotz security-markers and InSpec detectors from a Swiss anti-counterfeiting company offering integrated packaging solutions aimed at governing organizations.

Dotz Nano announced $100,000 sale from Swiss-based anti-counterfeiting company image

The sale reportedly follows extensive migration testing of Dotz’s anti-counterfeiting markers by the customer, which demonstrated ValiDotz’s accuracy and stability.

The Swiss company, whose name was not disclosed, will integrate Dotz’s polymer-markers into the manufacturing of its safety-plastic solutions, and will use the company’s detectors. Further analytical tests will be conducted during first phase to optimize the usage of the solutions to this specific anti-counterfeiting project and others to follow.

Dotz’s ValiDotz molecular non-toxic markers feature multiple layers of security and can be verified in real-time with the company’s InSpec detectors.