The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced a grant of around $4.6 million for four projects to develop advanced hydrogen storage materials that hold the potential to enable longer driving ranges and help make innovative fuel cell systems. Among these four projects are two that involve graphene: graphene-based storage materials and hydrogen sorbents based on high surface area graphene.
The Ames Laboratory of Ames, Iowa, will receive up to $1.2 million to investigate the development of high-capacity silicon-based borohydride/graphene composite hydrogen storage materials. This project ims to develop reversible, high-capacity hydrogen storage materials with sorption kinetics.The California Institute of Technology of Pasadena, California, will receive up to $1 million to develop novel high-capacity hydrogen sorbents, based on high surface area graphene. These improved sorbents with higher volumetric capacity will allow for more optimal system design and improve total performance over current materials, making hydrogen sorbent systems a more viable option for practical applications.